Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Collection of Websites for Gamemaking in general

I have here a list of websites that may be use to some game makers out there

This is a list that is un-organized and may not be of use to you, but is good to check out.

Francesco's knick-knacks
desc: This website hosts a Gameboy Advanced SDK. Its cool to check out, i made pong and ended up working on my GBA emu.

Aaron Stebner's Weblog
desc: This blog by Aaron Stebner contains valuable information about how to do great things in XNA from the mind of a developer.

desc: A pretty good Game Maker developer, he has some useful plugins, some-what useful programs, and some games to look at for reference.

Blue Rose Games
desc: Blue Rose Games has a great beginner tutorial for XNA on 2D and 3D game programming, as well as Silverlight for those interested in MSN games.

Catlin's XNA Blog
desc: This XNA developer may be average, but has created some interesting blogs about certain techniques in XNA from a beginner's perspective.

Metal Slug Sprites
desc: A sprite site I used when making a Metal Slug remake for Game Maker. Contains most of the sprites seen in-game in .GIF form, as well as some sprite sheets.

RB Whitaker's Wiki
desc: This is by far my favorite collection of XNA Tutorials; those that make sense the most, and have taught me the basic fundamentals the best.

Riemers XNA Tutorial
desc: If you have ever asked:
"How do you program terrain generation like in Worms or Minecraft"
this may answer your question. These are also great beginner tutorials on 2D and 3D game programming in XNA.

Safari Books Online
desc: This website has thousands of e-books available for online view (preview). Ive seen many programming e-books available on this website such as the Mastering Unreal Technology ( series.

Sprite Database
desc: This is an incredible sprite database. I am currently using it for a metroid remake (no, it's not going so well).

The Video Game Name Generator
desc: Obligatory video game name generator.

Tile Studio
desc: Never used it, but my artist says it is a great tool for creating tile sheets for platformer games. Could also be possibly used in 2D RPG games.

Unreal Development Kit (UDK)
desc: The Unreal Development Kit (UDK) is an outstanding developer's kit to allow the developers to get past quite a few walls of development, and can also bring 3D games to life. A very tough tool, but mastering it may be the true start of your indie career. [/viraladvertisement]

XNA Resources
desc: Yet another website dedicated to starters on XNA.

XNA Tutorial
desc: Yet another BLOG dedicated to starters on XNA.

desc: This is an extremely crucial wiki for those XNA developers. It can be used as a resource guide when programming any game in XNA.

raven67854's Youtube UDK tutorials
desc: Most guides on the UDK can be confusing and troublesome to the common beginner. This youtube series can be argued as a godsend to those struggling to learn the UDK.

desc: FlatRedBall is a great 2D engine used in XNA, and can simplify the process of many 2D games.


  1. XNA is a good choice if you have any experience in making games.

  2. Nice collection you have here. I'll start bookmarking.

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